Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pit Stop

Okay...I can only post for a sec because I need to hop into the shower.

I have been on a travelling whirwind since last Thursday and it doesn't look to let up for several more weeks.

At present, I am in San Antonio with my sister. We are getting ready to head off to a resort together and I'm looking forward to some "sister time" together. We haven't done that for years so I know it will be great.

My sister had a private room and bath all ready for me when I got to her house. Equipped with towels and smelly stuff wrapped in ribbons. I'm not sure what to do with myself...being able to sleep in and leaisurely head into the bathroom in the morning. It's weird.

The cabin in the mountains was good and I'll write about that when I can post some pics.

This week is Texas and then home to the midwest for some much needed friend time. I can't wait.


Steph said...

Of course I was frantic to find a comment on my blog and quickly jumped over for your newest post.
Life here is...life! :) Currently, Gary is on the couch with a fever and a sore throat. So, he can't go to the Reese family picnic tomorrow...but that is okay because I'm choosing to be happy about taking the boys to this (and I have to be there early to set up and decorate)by myself.
I did remind him tonight that he was sick on Christmas Eve too. His sickness seems to like holidays!
Oh well, have a great time! Relax and enjoy life as a girl - rather than a mommy!

Steph said...

I forgot to write that Gary and the boys saw Sam and Jo at the swans last night. I was at home cleaning and they came home and told me they were there with their grandma!
(and of course phone calls count on my blessings blog! I count you in there completely)

Shane and Devin said...

I can't believe I found you! This is so cool. Steph found my blog, and thru hers, I have found you, Sandy, Amanda, and others. How cool that I can keep in touch with you now this way! I love reading your posts, and I have added you all as a link so that i can keep in contact. Stop by by blog if you have time and "meet" my family!
Miss you and hope to hear from you soon!