Monday, July 30, 2007

The Dance

(I'm trying to blog this post as quiet as possible as not to send my best friend, Steph, into a shock of realization as to what she's committed to!!!)....

But then I do the "She's FINALLY coming to see Me" dance!

We booked the airline tickets this morning and in two short weeks she's coming for a few days!


My friends here are scurrying around tyring to get the dates on their calendars in preparation for what seems like practically the Queen herself coming to town.

I feel dizzy...I think I might be in shock myself...Must lie down....


Steph said...

you are a silly person. And I have to stock up on my meds for the flight! :)

Anonymous said...

*joy bubble popped*

Ah...I knew it! I knew you'd end up just being worried about coming.

Oh well.


Steph said...

I'm not worried once I land! Just the flight in between. Can't help it - not a natural flier - but am willing to do it to see you! (Just don't be surprised when I kiss the ground upon arrival!)

Steph said...

Got my highlights worked you can't see them at all! :( Crazy hair!