Friday, July 27, 2007


Tonight we headed for the pool...

My friend Anne is a member of a great pool that apparently stays open just for her family! Every time I've gone there has been only our family there-it's a kid's dream!

So, the bunch of us along with Di got together for pizza and to let the kids swim some energy off. We've decided that this is our new Friday night routine.

Afterwards, Anne, Di and I dropped off our families to go to sleep and ran across town to the movies. Di wanted to see a scary movie and as many know...that's my favorite genre! I'm still puzzled how Diane can partake of a good horror flick and then head home alone but she's apparently my most brave friend.

We saw the movie"1408". I don't know if I would recommend had "startle" factor but in my opinion, wasted time on goofy stuff instead of the parts that could really shake you up.

Regardless, I would have paid money just to sit between Anne and Di! They were cracking me up! Many...MANY times there were outburst of screaming.

Very amusing...very.

So, we've got plans to watch "The Ring" next Friday after pool time but I'm offering my guest bedroom to Di after that. I've seen "The Ring" and it pretty much ended with me in the fetal position, wishing for a brain shower to clean my head out!

Fun Times.


Steph said...

How does this work??? You go out as a group with kids and then you actually put kids to bed and go out with girls!?!? I'm not sure my brain can understand this amazingly wonderful concept...
But switching to a different note - SOOO GLAD you have friends down there to watch those crazy movies with cause you KNOW I wouldn't be seeing those...the trama! Seriously, that movie you saw tonight looks SCARY!!! And The RING?!? Why don't you just rewatch that Mothman diary (or whatever it is called) I remember you telling me how totally scary that one looked too! Shoot - the news is as scary as I can take anymore!

Sandy said...

I totally miss scary movies! I can't imagine watching them and then being alone. I have "When a stranger calls" here on loan, and I know that I will have to be having a sleepover before can watch it! we haven't been to the pool much over the past few weeks..I am definitely missing it.

Charity said...

Different season of life, Steph...Different season of life.

It's just around the corner for you but don't wish too quick! I miss having a little one that I can hold!! Can you imagine your kids being too big to hold?!?

It's terrible! No movie is worth it!

I told Diane that the whole going home after a scary movie thing suddenly makes her your polar opposite! Everything else is just like you, though!

We did discuss the Mothman...that's on the plan in the future.