Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sisters and San Antonio

I mentioned a while back that I was taking three weeks to travel around the country practically to see various family members.

It was an interesting trip in that it was nothing like I planned it to be. The good times were really good not because of "picnics and noodle salad" but because it was quality time to share and learn about each other.

C' was a family vacation. Those are always a little hard, right?

Regardless, I took a week of that to go to San Antonio to see my sister Julie with my sister Jeannie and her family. It was really nice and left me desperately wishing that I had the chance to live near a sister. Sisters are great. They don't have to like you to be stuck with you for your life! You won't get that with many me. are some pics that highlight that trip. I could totally live in Texas (and have before) and I claim to have more Texas pride than Julie does! Geesh! She won't even put a star on her house!

Thanks Julie and Jeff for housing us and showing me the sights and to Jean and Ed...thanks for getting me there! Love and miss you guys!

Julie, Charity and Jeannie

My brilliant nephew Donovan

Julie took us to a four star resort for the night. This is the beautiful view from outside of our hotel window.

Okay...I had never stayed in a nice enough hotel for there to be a mini-bar...ANYWAY, we did not crack it open for MANY reasons but they did leave us glasses and a complimentary "snobby" water bottle. So, my crazy sisters were willing to pose for me as though they were boozing it up! Funny thing is that when I returned the pose I was standing in front of Champagne colored curtains so it appears that I have not been as forthright as my siblings! Hilarious! Despite the explanation, my mom STILL gave me the evil eye!

Alright...I wish I could tell you this whole story but it is only funny to those that were watching us. Regardless, I will say that we went to San Antonio as they were experiencing a "flood season" of sorts. It rained every day that we were there and particularly on our time at the spa. But, not just rain..torrential downpours! My dress was dragging the floor, soaking wet and we looked ridiculous trying to shop.

Brunching at MiMi's

Me and Jean at the San Antonio Riverwalk. It is amazing!

The stage where Sandra Bullock did the talent contest for Miss Congeniality.

My other nephew Corbin. So cute!

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Anonymous said...

It is STILL raining! HELP!!!!!!!!!
Come back soon. Still lots more to see and do! Love and miss you already, Julie