Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Bug

After the parade I caught the infamous "Bug" that is travelling around our school. me, "bug" doesn't describe it. "Bug" implies germ but seems so harmless.

This is not what I encountered.

I don't know...maybe if I knew more deadly bugs it would feel accurate?

4 days. That's how long I was away from school. Two of those days I seriously have only a ten minute recollection of.

This was actually WORSE than the Easter bug that took out 18 of my family members at one time a few years ago. Yes, Jules....I said WORSE. All I could think of was crawling into my sister's room in '04 and being sick with her on the floor. I wanted to call you, Julie but when I tried to hold a glass of water and dropped it on my blanket, I was too sick to get up and get a new one. I laid ALL DAY under a wet blanket.

Having my Mom's mentality that you should be dying to miss work, I tried to go in three days into it and when I turned the corner to tell my boss I had decided to come in, she immediately told me to "get out-go home"

I busted into tears....the last bit of liquid left in my body.

They tried to get me to the hospital for an IV but I declined, promising to drink something.

I think I seriously have post-traumatic stress from the whole thing. I'm very afraid of getting it again. It was really bad.



Steph said...

Hmmm so many things I could say to this one...really bad - YES I DO believe you. And if you find yourself feeling a little PTS coming on, I'm only a phone call away... Mc Donald's playland, Wal-mart cart handles, icky drinking fountains, the things in life that will be tainted forever...

Anonymous said...

:-( so sad but I'm so glad I didn't have it with you this time. But then again I'm only one good "bug" away from my goal weight - haha Julie