Saturday, December 22, 2007

Family Christmas Movie

Well, today was our 4th annual Family Christmas Movie Day.

We've sort of made a little tradition that on our Christmas school break...right before Christmas, we take the boys out to a movie and an expensive dinner.

Two weeks beforehand, I make special invitations and leave them for each family member and in them they find the date for the special day and that family member's special job for the day. (Pick the movie, pick the restaurant, pick the after dinner desert and game, and of course, the BIG one...pick the movie snacks!)

I know alot of families probably take their kids to movies and dinner all the time but really...this is the only time of year we can afford to do the whole big deal. I'm happy about that, though. It makes it really special for the kids.

I wish there always was a great Christmas movie out that we can take the kids to but many years we have to hope and settle on just the latest release. This year we found one of the last theaters showing the "Bee Movie". We had to drive a bit to get to it but it was worth it. Really cute.

Afterwards we went to Carrabas to eat (this year it was MY job to pick! Yeah!). And now the boys are hovered over a gingerbread house and I'm watching "Little Women".

I'm learning to lower my expectation over the holidays and just enjoy those few moments that seems so special. Who knows what the next hour will bring? For now...the Christmas spirit is in full bloom at our house and I'm thankful for that!


Grammy Reese said...

Good post and nice family idea. I enjoyed the pictures. Your parents came to my dear mother's house and brought her treats from the Gainmores. I really appreciated their efforts. The College Career class carolled her on her 90th birthday also. God's people are so kind. Merry Christmas Fran

Shane and Devin said...

You have a beautiful family, Charity. Merry Christmas!