Monday, December 24, 2007


This year I'm experiencing my own version of "A Christmas Story". You know the movie..."You'll shoot you're eye out!"

So, normally on Christmas when we don't go back North, we go to dinner on Christmas Eve with Matt's sister's family and then we get with them on Christmas Day for a big lunch.

Not so shockingly...she called me Sunday night to tell me that her daughter had just started throwing up.

Great. I swear...the illness is relentless down here!

So, tonight we headed out solo to our favorite Chinese Bistro..PF Changs...and had chinese food for Christmas Eve. Our waiter was highly amused that we'd found our way there after a Christmas disappointment and in his pity, he gave us free stuff.

We are officially "just us" this year. We have big plans of staying in our pj's all day and eating! I'm sending half of our food to Matt's sister smothered in complete compassion for what she's going through. Eh....

Then, maybe we'll do something crazy like see a movie tomorrow night?!? I guess it's totally up to us?!?


To my family back home and my sweet BFF...I miss you all so much and hope your day is really great. If you feel an unexplained sense of's not that you need more pie-it's my absence! :)

Love you guys!

Me, getting attacked by the boys when they opened up their Christmas pajamas!


Anonymous said...

We also are all alone today :-( Corbin woke up warm and fussy. Then Donovan was throwing up at the breakfast table. Ho Ho Ho
Great photo's! Love and miss ya, Julie MERRY CHRISTMAS

Steph said...

I thought of you today. We had a crazy Sunday (two puppies left - the end) and church (although I didn't take Elijah to the morning service) Reese family thing yesterday and then GG, Papa, Nana, and Grandad came over today.
I loved the pic you sent in the mail. So cute! Gary said - So is this what you did down there? I said YUP, sittin in the bed eating and watching endless tv!!! I loved it.
We stayed in and watched Underdog and Night At The M'm. Now, I'm scanning the computer and hoping the kids wind down soon! :)
Miss ya, Love ya - pics are adorable!

Steph said...

Oh - and cute hair!

Charity said...

You felt obligated to say that about the hair, right? I don't know...I was looking at these pics and I think I look so old! I know it was bound to happen sooner or later but it's so depressing.


I know..I loved the Magazine cover. I kept waiting for you to get it! I made a hilarious one for my sisters, also.

I haven't gotten out of my pajamas all day. We are on our third movie. You would be so jealous!

Sandy said...

love the length of your hair..and jealous that it is warm enought for outside pics!

Sandy said...

oh..and I just noticed stephs comments about your hair..after I left it is official..the hair is def cute..and you absolutely DO NOT look old!