Saturday, December 01, 2007

My Life In A Snapshot


This is a common occurrence on Charity's blog when her life becomes fast and furious and there is little time or energy to update. Days and days with no post and then 25posts ALL IN A ROW! But I decided to condense it all into one blog with pictures of what life has been these past few weeks.

Dad is feeling better and even found the gumption to climb in the car and join me for Thanksgiving. I felt a little bad for agreeing because it was obvious that he still didn't feel well but we recently decided that we won't be able to come home for Christmas so I'm thankful for the quality time together. I'm hoping it lasts through the next holiday but...well...I have my concerns.

We have had a ton of things going on from holiday parties to sicknesses to school events. I can't seem to keep up with the calendar as the days seem to soar by. My mind has been focusing on keeping up with all the events and it doesn't seem to be letting up any time soon. Three more holiday parties in the next couple of weeks, my first ornament exchange, one Christmas program, a baby shower and work, work, work. Besides this, The Harmless family has "gone green" in the past couple of months and I'm attempting new grocery skills and recipes with organic and local, farm fresh items. I may address this later in another blog as it has been challenging but fun to see if I could succeed in feeding my family in a more healthy, safe way on our teeny budget!

(...I feel a book in the works!)

So, here is our last couple weeks in a nutshell of pictures. I'm not posting any of the all-nighter that we did for our high school but it was alot of fun and completely unreasonable at our age! How did we ever do this year to year?

Oh and HUGE NEWS FLASH...Josiah is reading. Whole Books. Several sentences on each page. He's also doing double digit math! This is totally amazing as he couldn't identify ONE LETTER when he started school in September. Not "A" or "B"...Nada. They are awesome at his school. And Sam made the all A honor roll. So proud of both of my brainiacs!

If you're reading (after weeks of my absence!)..send me a note and say "hi!". I'm feeling the whole homesick thing and it will be good to hear from you guys!


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The Girls at our Annual Shepherding Group Christmas Dinner. So Fun!

My two sick boys...both home with bad colds all in one day!

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Sweet Josiah on Thanksgiving Day.

Poor Dad! Still willing to carve the turkey despite being sick!
Mom and Sam

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My table all ready for Turkey Dinner.

Josiah...trying to distract Mom so He and Matt could still some turkey!

Sam and the boys in his class at their Thanksgiving Party.

Me and Mom on Thanksgiving Day

Pilgrim Jo

Jo's Class and behind him..the rest of our the Thanksgiving feast.

Me and Sarah..Jo's teacher and my good buddy.

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Theresa, Me and Beth...the school Librarians.


Anonymous said...

Finally she is found.
We are not going home for Christmas either. I don't like to call home and hear everybody there. So on Christmas day I will call you and then call everyone else the day before or the day after.
Great news on how well the boys are doing in school. That is awesome! Love and miss ya, Julie

Steph said...

Miss you. :(
Things here have been hectic. I got your message but unfortuately, I've either had time during the day or late at night (and I've been afraid you would be in bed).
This next week - Monday night, I am home. Tues is Elijah's Christmas program, Wed - Church. THurs (I think I am home).

Manda said...

Hey Char...Good to see your post! Sounds like things have been hectic but good! I'm excited to hear more about your "green" adventures! I have been considering this more lately & would love to chat with you about it! Love Ya, Amanda

Anonymous said...

Hey friend- well, good to see you!! Have fun at your ornament party- is it tonight? Hope Anne is not too stressed about ours! I SO need a couch with a table- it would be the best- the kids would go crazy! Alright..see ya! Lori

Sandy said...

I know about time between posts..I posted tonight for the first time in a while myself. Great pictures, and great job Josiah with the reading. I am very impressed!

Amanda said...

your boys are growing so big..I love reading your blog--keeps me updated on your lives! Praying for you and Matt--have a Merry Christmas!