Sunday, December 16, 2007

School Christmas Party

Thankfully by Friday night my appetite had returned from the "bug" and I was ready to party!

I love our school. Seriously, I work with some of the kindest, sweetest people around. Salt of the earth. I enjoy them so much and they are quickly becoming family to us. They think Matt is so cool and that brings me real joy. Mostly because I've always known how cool he really is and it's great that all on their own, they've discovered it too!

We will spend Christmas night with my friend Maria and her family and I'm expecting a great time!

(Me and Maria)

So, my boss treated us to a fancy dinner which is REALLY appreciated by a room full of poor Christian school teachers who have to save up just to go to Chick-fil-a!

(Matt, Jill...our administrator, and Me)

We all put it down! Everyone looked so pretty all dressed up and my table was full of my colleagues that work on my side of the school. Fun, Fun, Fun.

(Me and Sarah..Jo's teacher that works next door to my classroom.)

I can't wait until next year already!

(Doesn't Matt look SO nice? I will NOT tell you what a drama it was to get this guy dressed up! Ridiculous. If you make it this far on this post then please send a "Compliment Comment" to my hubby so he will know how nice it is for a wife to see her husband dressed in something other than a ripped up flannel!)

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Alicia said...

Yes, Matt looks great (you know, Matt, it is necessary to dress up like that when your wife looks that smashing - so that your level of dressiness goes together. And it makes a girl so happy too)and your outfit is beautiful.