Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No One To Deck The Halls...

...Of our school.

So, the germ of the century appears to have invaded our school. I've been told not to despair-this is actually probably going on in every school but to me, it just feels personal.

Josiah apparently has caught the same bug as me.

Yesterday and last night he threw up for 17 straight hours. It was horrible. I just kept thinking, "This will be the last time...SURELY this will be the last time!"

I called the doctor today and he put him on a medication to stop the vomiting so he could drink. Thank the Lord for this medication. It totally worked. I was freaking out this morning, trying to figure out how I was going to get the meds with this sick baby and Matt had the insurance card 30 minutes away in a Math class..and I needed other grocery items....AHHH!

I called a CVS with a drive through and was pleased to hear the voice of one of our Prasso students on the other end. She totally bumped my prescription to the front, dealt with the insurance and then took my grocery list and shopped for me to have things waiting at the drive through when I came. Providence.

Oh...and the CVS is right beside Starbucks so I got the meds and an Eggnog Latte. A latte can heal a multitude of concerns and get an exhausted mom through a long day.

Poor baby...He has to miss his first class Christmas party tomorrow and I was suppose to help host Sam's at another mom's house. My e-mail tonight let me know that Sam's party is now at the school "due to sickness at the Gray's house".

Ah-oh. Another one bites the dust.

So many kids are sick and I'm glad for the break. I never thought I'd say this but...we need to let things die at school!

If you pray (notice I'm desperate. At this point, I'll take prayers from ANYONE!) Pray for Sam not to get it. With his blood sugar stuff, this will land him in the emergency room. I don't want him to suffer and I don't want to spend Christmas in the hospital!

Are you guys healthy?

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Steph said...

Let's both PRAY for protection for our eldest born sons! (And hubbies - and that we don't get it again...