Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday, America!

I'll admit it...

I had lost my zeal over the 4th of July. The last couple of years we have just hung out at home and today when I told Jo we were going to see fireworks he actually said, "What are fireworks?"

Can you believe that? Sad commentary considering the the 4th was the big deal to look forward to when I was growing up with the carnival in town and the fireworks at the park every year.

So, I went on a search for other people that didn't have family to spend the holiday with and I threw a party. So, So, Sooo much fun. We had a great time. I got to collide my worlds a bit with my friend Sarah and her family from school and our church friends, Matt and Lori.

After my house party, we loaded up and went to see fireworks in town. It was a great time as I saved a private stash of sparklers for my girls and we ohhhed and ahhhed over the awesome fireworks display. (Really...they were amazing!)

Here are some random pics from the evening!

Our original four! Matt and Lori were the first people that reached out to us in friendship when we moved here and were the ones that invited us to our church. It's funny that although time goes by so quickly, we now think of them as "old friends". We always have a great time when they are around!

Wow...yeah, Lori took the "do a crazy face" literally! Sorry Lori..I had to put it on here! it's just too weird!

Matt and baby LuLu

Great Big Brothers!

Here are the Matts passing along to the next generation the art of "home fireworks". In the south they are legal so we get to be up ALL night while the teenagers on our block set them off.

Smart Dad and Mom protecting baby Jenna from the unpredictable blasts!

Ok...I had to post this because when we uploaded them, Matt and I were transfixed on his gray hair! Oh My Word! My man is getting old!

The Party Scene...Off to the fireworks!


Tiffany said...

Go ahead...rub it in my face that I was with family. Glad that you guys had a blast.

Charity said...

Yeah..we missed you, Tiff! When are we doing dinner?

Anonymous said...

OK, umm...Chubby VonPufferson here saying that maybe next time I will turn my body when standing next to you in a picture in order to avoid looking like I could crush you with one swift movement of my massive arms!!! Matt also is having hair transplant surgery scheduled as I type.....nothing like a picture of yourself on the internet to bring one back into reality. All of that to say that we REALLY had a good time!! I am so glad we came and I hope that your house is not permanently damaged as a result- as far as I know, no one threw up at this party although I did laugh at how many times Maddy was dropped. Very very fun night friend- let's do it again soon, just let me drop a few before the camera starts rollin so I don't look like Gigantor next time!


Charity said...


I knew...I KNEW IT...I knew that Matt would say something about the top of his head! That is so silly! Could he be more photogenic in those pics? Makes me sick!

AND YOU, sister! I was just thinking that I needed to make sure that I had long, flowing-like hair before we got our next picture taken! Are we all so pathetic?! (I think your arms are beautiful...for the record!)

It was fun. I'm trying to keep myself from calling to get together this week! Seriously, I have such an addictive personality.

Charity said...

HEY...I could send the pic of Matt and he could photoshop in some hair...that would be cheaper than a transplant, you know??

(He knows I love him!)

Wait a sec...a may have a better one of him...check the post for changes!

Steph said...

Looks like fun - however, I've always been afraid to hold a sparkler (seems unnatural to be holding something that could burn you ...)Glad you found good buds that day to party on America's birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

And Matt is thanking you for the updated and less revealing picture of him- I SO wish you could have been here for him looking at that picture!!! He just sat there with his hand over his mouth for like 2 minutes all the while I am on the floor doing crunches and tricep curls. Also so funny is the "crazy" pic that for some reason only Matt and I took seriously- maybe you both were so horrified that you couldn't do an expression- I don't know-by the way- we ARE free anytime.