Monday, July 28, 2008

Milo gets a Cast

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What do you NOT want to do on a Saturday night..when you and everyone else in the house is sick...when you are supposed to be in bed for church the next day...when you are poor Christian school teachers and are hoping for an extended vacation in two weeks??

Make an emergency trip to the all-night vet.

It's a freakin' fortune!

Milo lost a toe nail during a clipping and the result was two owners, one...grouchy from getting the cold passed around our house and the other frequently having to put his head between his legs so he wouldn't get sick from the blood, deciding that they needed some outside help.

I love my dog and I would NEVER let him bleed to death unnecessarily but I cannot describe the sheer anger and frustration as the cash left my bank account.

Anyway, he's better and we officially will never again clip his nails ourselves.



Tiffany said...

Poor Milo!! Poor Harmless family! I can understand not wanting to give up the cash, but I'm sure Milo thanks you (as well as Sam and Jo).

Steph said...

yucky! But glad he is doing better now.