Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quick Check-In

Alright, first...Thank you all so much for your comments in my last post. I did meet with a group of teen girls last Tuesday and it went really well. It felt a little strange to be talking to a room of teenagers and have them take notes over what I was saying! It can make you paranoid! I would have never made it as an official teacher!

I wish I had more to blog about but it's been a true summer "vacation" around my house. I am doing as little as possible to tidy the house and feed my men and then I hit my swing with my latest book or go for a long walk. I feel the day coming that it will be all over and it leaves me with that teensy bit of panic in the pit of my stomach that only presses me to r..e..l..a..x more!

Sam and Jo have been hangin' with me also and had a great time in swim lessons. I took Sam with me to the gym today to work out and it was one of those strange "mommy moments" when I watched him lift a little bit of weight on a machine. He's going to be ten in a couple of weeks and that blows my mind. I'm coming around to accepting that I'm no longer that mother of babies anymore but Sam is pushing it! Too big too fast. I watch my friends with their little ones and I get a bit sad but with every change in life, their is the birth of something new.

Like consistent sleep...and kids that can puke on their own!...and full fledged monopoly games...and embarrassing laughter...OH, there's the "they can clean the toilet for you" privilege!-That's a great one when you have boys!

So, August is coming and bringing lots to look forward to. My family reunion is around the corner and Sam's big double digits b-day...we're taking him to Chicago for two days to celebrate. Matt turns 36 this next month...THIRTY-SIX! I am SOOO making fun of him for that. I'm going home to see my best bud, Steph and we plan to party in a get-a-way location! And then...back to school and to work "full-time" for me.

EHHH. I'm going to go read and eat ice cream now. See ya!

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