Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A weekend that was..well...pretty much- "On the Rocks"

Okay...honest truth?

...not our best family vacation ever.

Sorry to disappoint. If you're currently married and have children, you should on some level be able to sympathize with our outcome. Some trips are a complete home run while others fall short.

Surprising too because this one had all the seeming potential for a weekend of fun.

You know, depending on who you ask in our house, it probably was a lot of fun, but to the mom...not so much.

I'm not a huge fan of Chimney Rock due to my late in life struggle with vertigo. One dizzy moment on a cliff along with a frustrated husband and the mother of the house was crying.

I typed that right, my friends-crying. I barely cry ever. I started the trip at our first event within 30 minutes, blubbering in the car.

Totally embarrassing.

It was on the above trail that I also apparently strained my calf muscle(s), leaving me unable to get around until..well, I'm still propped up in bed healing. I will say that my less than graceful way of walking after the first day did encourage the boys in my party to randomly phone-video me going from the kitchen to the bed and laughing together at my expense.

*sigh* Just doin' my job part to keep morale up.

Then, the condo we stayed in left A LOT to be desired. It was clean but it was at the bottom of a group of rooms and with all the rain and the dark paneling, along with some pretty bad carpet, it left you feeling like you were staying in a "second cousin, twice removed, who lives by some big ole' creek's" basement apartment. It was sort of damp and moldy smelling. I mean, I was actually jealous of the RV people across the creek!

Granted, we didn't pay a lot for it and it was remarkably clean for its age but I hated being in it. When questioned by my hubby, I couldn't tell you exactly what was causing my extreme reaction of disdain.

Ever been like that? You don't know if you'd hate it as much some other time of the month?? Are you over-reacting and under-producing progesterone? I don't know.

We did have an incredible view, though. An amazing creek with big boulders ran through the back yard and it was so cool. The boys loved it and I had to work to get them all to stay off those darn rocks! Then I realized that I could take my new book and escape to some hiding place and read next to a waterfall. Seriously, what shocked me the most was that you could actually enjoy somewhere so beautiful and be all by yourself. Privacy is so hard to find these days. With a big mountain over-looking our rocks...it was heaven.

For the rocks we probably will return. We've just got to talk the Smiths into tent-camping with us! What do you think, Lori? I'll bring plenty of hot dogs!!

Lake Lure. Well, let's just say that to my knowledge the last "move" that was done in this lake was by Patrick and Jennifer! I went all prepared to show off for you guys and we discovered that the lifeguards will not let you pick up or throw anyone in their presence or you will get in trouble! Can you believe that? We are two grown, consenting adults that have a good idea the trauma we could do to ourselves attempting an "in-water dance move" and they STILL blew their whistles at Matt! Total Bummer!

Completely sun-fried and limping, we came home early on Monday and decided once again..."There's no place like home".

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Me, Attempting to navigate without killing myself

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The back yard area of our rental

"Evening Shade"-where we stayed

One of three poisoness snakes that we encountered on this trip!
Below is Matt and Sam checking the above Copperhead out:
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A view of my special reading spot with my latest book.
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Sandy said...

sorry it wasn't all you wanted it to be. Our trip to Bull Shoals a few years ago was kinda like that. I had an amazing time on my most recent trip, not to rub it in! Next time..stick with Sunset Beach, you know that it rocks!