Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's Official...

The flights have been booked...The Beach rental is reserved and in a few weeks, my friend, San is coming for a visit!


She's coming with her two girls and it just so happens that I have two boys and so we should be even! Sam is already excited because he is the oldest and he has fond memories of two cute little girls following him around in a corn maze last year!

His only concern...

"I will have a little trouble telling them apart!...They're twins, ya' know?!"

I will miss Amanda and Steph and we will fondly think of them as we're sunning ourselves by the ocean! (You can STILL come...You can..yyyooouuu cccaaann!)


Next year, girls...Next year, we go by ourselves!


Manda said...

Next year for sure! I'll be counting down the days! :)

Setrn said...

Oh sure, if you can drug Manda like they used to do with Mr. T. to get her on a plane! By the way, I believe that I will be in charge of picture taking on this trip! I am very concerned a bathing suit photo of me could easily make it into your "hemisphere." That is why I have two cute little girls in tow, they are much more photogenic!