Thursday, May 25, 2006

Supper Club is Boiling!

Tonight for Supper Club, Anne and I decided to throw a little "Low Country Boil". For those of you that don't know what that is..I'll leave this link!

I've found through experience, that I am a serious boiler! While other girls may sit, chat and sip wine...I am over in the corner working my way through the corn and the shrimp! Technically, you should dump the contents onto newspapers or some other primitive place setting and just "have at it", but we prefer plates. It's messy enough as it is! It's very good and I baked up some yummy cornbread to enjoy as well. (Truthfully, I thought it was disgusting but these Southern girls seemed to like it and they do know their cornbread!)

Here are some pictures from the evening. For my girls back home..The second one is of me and Tanya (Uwarow)-(I'm so sorry about the possible misspelling of that last name!). I told her you'd all love to see her again!

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Setrn said...

will I get to go to supper club when I am there?? It sounds like a must do experience. Sandy