Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Reality about my future with Reality TV

I've made it no secret to my family and friends that I'm pretty hooked on reality TV. I used to be a little embarrassed by it but now that you have little options on the television roster BESIDES reality viewing, I'm blaming it on the networks!

I will say that I steer clear of "Bachelor-ette" (anything dating)...or ANY reality programs on TLC. Ick! You can only see a snotty, rejected, broken-hearted girl in the back of a Limo so many times before roses aren't even desirable anymore! And, if I see another nine month pregnant lady tell me how she's absolutely NOT going to have an epidural while she bakes homemade chocolate chip cookies in her clean kitchen (which is COMPLETELY NOT reality), I will throw up!

Quite frankly, though, I am in love with American Idol! Simon Cowell is the epitome of realism and I fully support any program that produces an artist that really can sing without the aid of editing equipment in some music studio. I've been to enough concerts where I needed binoculars to verify that there is not a stand-in for my favorite singer who sounds mysteriously BAD!

This year, I am rooting whole-heartedly for Taylor Hicks. I adore this guy! He is different and the grey hair makes me feel at home rather than very old as I watch some 17 year old get her moment of fame. I also think he sounds a little like Don Henley. Can we get the guy to sing an Eagle's song?? Oh, Yeah.

Unfortunately, I feel the bald guy got screwed by America and I can't believe the girl has made it this far but her luck has nearly insured my Taylor's victory!

If he doesn't win...

That will be the last time I watch American Idol! You have my word on that!

Then there is my other favorite, "Top Chef".

Not many know about this program because it is featured on Bravo, but it has been a great show so far. There is nothing better than a few cut throat, jerkish, wanna-be Chefs that sit around and insult each other while they saute veggies and pound pork! It's hilarious!

Not surprisingly, I have gained five pounds since the show started because I must eat through each episode! I hate late night cooking shows...Oh, the power of suggestion! It gets me every time!

Again, my favorite Chef has made it to the end and I have sworn off Bravo shows, also, if his dish does not satisfy! I love Harold...I know, an unfortunate first name, but I have this hope that he will start a restaurant with his new kitchen and $100,000 and I can fly to it and have dinner! How fun would that be?!?

If you've missed this show, you can catch all the programs several times in a row since Bravo is notorious for running their reality TV...Well, into the ground!

Good luck, Harold...You can make me seafood anytime!


Setrn said...

ugh! please tell me I don't have to watch reality shows the whole time I am visiting! I hate those things!

Anonymous said...

Can I say my friends are computer geeks. Both of ya with the black and white pics. (Yes, I'm jealous of your up to date computers!:P)
Girl, you are right on with Taylor. I WILL be pushing speed dial tomorrow night to hear him tell me thanks for voting! LOVE HIM! Kat lost me about a month ago. (Oh and on your Josiah blog - you can have to cutest smartest boys of the south and I'll have the cutest smartest boys in the north. Plus you've got cute blondes while mine look to be dark headed)

night-rider said...

Hi Char, Thanks for letting me know you're blogging again. I've been very slack lately, but will check in on you from time to time. Glad you didn't go with the coloured writing on a black background :)

Anonymous said...

I must weigh in about Taylor Hicks! Absolutely fascinating! Who knew that America could enjoy a gray haired man who loves to sing so much that it looks like he has a mild case of Tourette's. I can't take my eyes off of him. The more jumping around he does, the more I love him. And he CAN sing.

I started out liking Kat, but she has turned so shmoozy that I just wave her off and get a snack while she's singing. Go Taylor!

LoVe said...

taylor hicks HAS to WIN!!!