Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"YES, We are proud of you, Taylor!"!

(Of course, I didn't vote 5 times like my best friend did!!!)

(...but, I would have had I been able to get through...)

Taylor did awesome last night and I was standing on the couch cheering for him with no regard to what people may think! (Much like Tom Cruise, except for GOOD reason!)

It will be a huge let down if he doesn't take the title but I know that regardless, he will assuredly make a cd that I can enjoy. He will not go quietly into the night!

Tonight is my Top Chef finale also, so it's a big evening in Charity's living room! Hopefully there will be much celebrating tomorrow on my blog...

And then it's back to the important issues of life! I'm starting to feel a little ridiculous!


Manda said...

GO Taylor!!!

Anonymous said...

You turn coat! Who said she was taking credit for 21/2 votes since she couldn't get through! Uh-huh - YOU!
That's okay - love you Taylor ...You ROCK!

Charity said...

Um...well...who is this anonymous commenter?? How do I get her off my blog???


(Just kidding...good to see that you are learning your way around the computer!)

Manda said...

Hey...Steph and I are looking at tickets to Indy for the American Idol concert tour...interested??????

Charity said...

Sign me up!

Who am I kidding...I'd love to do anything with you guys.

Setrn said...

Hey, I don't watch Idol, but I couldn't be left out of an outing like that!