Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Friendship Factor

As soon as my eyes opened this morning, I broke into a panic.

My mind was racing with the facts that we have to move on Saturday and I have agreed to prepare our home for at least moderate livableness all by myself. I still have at least a good day's worth of work left on our current house and so that left me one day to find a refrigerator somewhere (I am on a tight budget) and then to paint the kitchen and make the hallway and our bedroom safe for people to walk on.

Note: Pulling up carpet and preparing hardwood floors properly...NOT EASY.

I was about the lose it and then Anne called.

Something I hadn't factored into the situation...

My friends.

She and my other friend Lori heard out my exasperation and although I reassured them that I would get my act together without any help (otherwise stated as "I'm fine"), they worked up a plan that involved 7 children and alternating childcare so that each of them could take a couple of hours a piece and work me through my crisis.

I was resistant at I am known to be, but exhaustion has gotten the better of me and I submitted to the help. I'm so glad, too, because if you have to pull nail boards, staples and carpet along with paint a giant room, it's much better with another girl. Each of them took their turn with adult conversation (something highly coveted by mothers) and Anne and I planned all the fun things we are going to do together when life returns to normal.

Sadly, I am aware that that may be FAR OFF. *sigh*

Here are the final pics of the kitchen. Of course, I HATE the color now that I've had to look at it for three days and FOUR COATS LATER!!!

I have decided that we will all live in one bedroom for a week while I prepare the other rooms. I have to admit defeat. I cannot do it all.

Thanks, girls, for not jumping ship when things got rocky!

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Setrn said...

I love the color! You can come and paint at my house anytime. Kudos to Anne for being a great friend. I wish I was there to help!