Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My Question

I have this sleeping thing.

I've been told it's more than a "thing". Maybe a disorder-Maybe needing something more useful than the occasional Tylenol PM that leaves me hung-over for the rest of the next day! I know, I know...(Anne) I should see the Doc but what do I tell him? There seems to be no pattern to the sleeplessness. It comes and goes from one month to the other lasting the endurance of the month. Do I say, "Well, Mr. Doctor, sir...June and October are bad for me but March and August seem sleep-worthy?"

That would be ridiculous. He's WAY to busy for that.

So...IT hit me this week and I'm wandering around the house all hours of the night. It's so frustrating as many of you with insomnia know, because eventually somewhere along about midnight you begin to panic about how you can't survive on five hours of sleep. Thus, you lay in bed torturing yourself to sleep envious that it seems to be such a relaxing event for others!

My husband travels for his job so that makes it even more pressure. I'm awake at wee moments of the morning, knowing I'll be solely needed by the children in just a few hours. I'm also nervously hearing every creek and crack all over the house. (I have no idea how you live alone, Di. Please come and move in with us or I'll lay awake worried about you next!)

Last night I got sucked into a romantic drama that started at 11:30 pm and I decided to prepare my body that at the VERY end of the movie, I would make a run for bed and force myself to at least see dawn from under the covers.

As planned at 2am, I made my way for the bedroom. I checked and re-checked the doors and decided if I was murdered in my room, at least I could rest!

On my way into the bedroom, I heard something very strange.

A bird.

A bird singing outside.


I stopped and stayed very still until I heard it again and realized that outside my window at two in the morning, a bird was perched and was singing.

My question was, "Is this normal?". "Am I a country girl idiot that didn't ever realize that birds sing twenty-four hours a day?" Do they?

I don't think so...

I concluded as I tossed and turned in bed that this bird was sent to antagonize me further with the reminder that daylight was just around the corner. I became convinced that the little bugger was sitting outside mocking me with song! Maybe the bird had insomnia also and as most would have it..Misery loved company?

I don't know. Does anyone?


Setrn said...

go and stay at someone else's house for a week, then go home, you will sleep like a baby for at least a few nights!

Charity said...

Well, I sincerely apologize if my bird kept you awake while you stayed here! Good Grief!

You know, you're really starting to show your age when you insist upon being in your own bed to get a good night's sleep!

I remember sleeping on your fold out futon chair in your room-with no blankets!!

What happened to us?

Setrn said...

Hmm, I don't remember hearing any bird. Must be that Paige and Peyton's snoring was drowning it out. I have NEVER slept well away from home, no matter how young I was. (not that I am saying I am old now:)

Anonymous said...

I have recently become extremely interested in birds (I even have a bird book and my own set of binoculars) and was very intrigued by your bird question. So I looked it up! Here is what I found:

Many species of birds use their songs to attract perspective mates. The instinctual drive to this end sometimes overrides the usual night/day agenda. Early June, the time you observed this, is the onset of mating season for several birds.

Typically, in order to get a jump on the competition, a bird will sing from the crack of dawn well into twilight. But if the moon is shining or there is a nearby street lamp, some birds (in particular, the Mockingbird) will
sing all night long.

So, in answer to your question, it would appear that you may have had a love lonely birdie nearby, singing his heart out to his mate. How sweet!

About your sleeplessness--ever consider that it is a hormone thing? Since it seems to cycle? Just a thought.

Charity said...

A bird in love...


That's all I need.

(Thanks for the answer. I hope its companion comes calling soon because I need some sleep. The thing has continued to sing through the night for the last three nights! Do you think it's an ugly bird or it has just got a stubborn partner?? He sounds a professional birdie. Why won't she come...Why? WHY???)

(It is kind of sweet..I guess.)

Charity said...


Yes..anonymous commentor must be a woman! (I hope, eek!)

Hormones cover a multitude of sins, now don't they? :)