Saturday, June 17, 2006

It doesn't matter...

If you're 18 or 30 something...It doesn't matter.

Fun will be had.

Sandy and I had a great time at the beach this week and it would take hours and hours to blog about it all. Some of these pics will seem "strange" and I'll be happy to explain if necessary. (Don't worry, Mom...nothing is permanent!)

(Sandy's Henna was a traditional low back style but mine was an insisted upon Chinese symbol for pretty..or lovely...or maybe something too embarrassing to admit!)

We had a great time together and it was as if I had never moved away! The only thing missing was our Steph and Amanda but we're looking forward to next year when we can really do some damage!

Here are some of my favorite moments..


night-rider said...

Your holiday looks like fun - love the black and white photo under the jetty (could be something from a French film!)

Charity said...

Thanks, Night-rider...I think it's pretty cool, also!

Um, dad called today and he's pretty worried about our tattoos! He said he had to calm some of the gossip around the church. Word on the streets is that everyone thinks I'M a bad influence on YOU?? WHAT??

Please clear up the truth that this was actually YOUR idea, sister!? :)

Missing you guys already!

Setrn said...

ugh! can't we do ANYTHING without getting in trouble! I am home now, very tired. However, the energizer bunnies are still playing with the bow and arrow. I just don't get it!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Charity. Nice tat!! You should have seen mom's face when Paige said "you should see Mommy's tattoo"! PRICELESS!! Your boys are adorable. Jamie