Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Well...I'm a homeowner.

I have to say, there is something really satisfying when you have property that you know is yours. I realize that's more commonly known as the "man" dream but I'm finding it to be very rewarding also.

Matt took off on a long trip right after the closing so Anne threw a "Welcome to the American Dream" party at her house and we all celebrated our shared plight as citizens with BIG DEBT!

Shockingly enough, I was only a homeowner for two minutes before I became a total snob! I would rather do without then to put something of lesser quality into the house. If left up to me, I'd leave my old furniture in our rental and eat off the floor until I could purchase my dream couch picked out two weeks ago with Di.

Fortunately for me, I have good friends that are talking back into reality and I have compiled a "needs" and "want" list. (One of which turned out to be surprisingly short...*sigh*) It's just so weird because for 10 years I have lived in rental doing whatever was cheap to get by and I suppose I'm a little anxious to finally have a home that looks like me?! Does that make sense? I don't know...I'm detoxing, though! My frugal side is slowing returning! I found it at Home Depot when they told me what "quality" paint costs!


I do feel a little like a SIMS character. Sims is a computer game where you build a house and basically a life for a character and then get them through their day. If you are lucky enough to know the game cheats then you can award yourself unlimited money and buy them really great stuff.

I wish I had some cheats because sadly, I am not only still fairly poor...I am actually VERY poor with my latest accrued debt!

Thus, I must save and hold out hope that contentment will somehow transform into a painless choice.

One thing on my needs list is painting our kitchen. Technically not an actual "need" as compared to heating and water but if you could see the lime green paint up close, you might agree that I needed to paint.

One problem...

I hate painting.

I hate it more then it would be possible for me to sincerely express to you and with my new snobbish perfectionist obsessions, I find myself really struggling. The green paint might have been ugly but it was truly professionally painted. I have NEVER seen such a great paint job that wasn't in a brand new house! Not one splotch..no smudges..not even a drip! How can this be?

So, I'm insistent upon keeping the lines so neat and clean and it's killing me! Four hours of painting and I've barely finished the kitchen side. I should not be left with this responsibility on my own. This is a bad idea.

I can't be trusted with the brush.

I also pulled up the old carpet and found, to my complete joy and utter relief...beautiful hardwood floors underneath! What fortune...

Keep me in your thoughts this week as I plug along alone in my new house with the paint and the endless amount of staples that must be brought up from the floor! For those that need a little extra money, I will hire!

(A before picture of the fireplace in my dining area)

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Setrn said...

I can't believe that Lime green isn't one of YOUR colors Char! You should have seen my first kitchen! Bad, old, not professionally done green and yellow wallpaper, ew! Looking good, I am excited for you, Sandy