Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sandy joins Supper Club

Well, it's official...

My worlds have collided!

I've been waiting for this for like two years and where I thought it possibly could be weird or obvious that I have two different worlds that should stay separate...


Now I want BOTH worlds to live in the same place!

We head off to the beach in a few hours and while the weather looks bleak...I know we'll have fun together!


Di said... a representative of the 'Greenville world' we were THRILLED to have Sandy collide with us!! =) Now, the rest of you come on down so we can meet you, too! I definitely learned last night that a friend of Charity's is a friend of mine!

Setrn said...

thanks! I had a great time. For pictures of my girls and my "other life," check out my blog. It was great meeting you all.