Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Renovation- Day Two

Well, the kitchen side is pretty much done. I am planning on getting an island for the center so that eventually we can take out the last cabinet on the right for a dishwasher.

Dining area is primed and ready for the mustard paint. We are watching for a black slate ceramic tile to go on sale and then that will be our floor. I'm playing off of the black iron stove for my theme. I'm going to hang my cast iron skillets from a overhead pot rack and I've found a great light for over my dining room table. Bye-Bye ceiling fan! Blah!

I'm going for a "Rustic Italy" feel. I think it will be very nice when it's all done.

I must be into food right now because my kitchen is "hidden honey"..I'm studying books for the most subtle shade of eggplant and I'm going to do my bedroom in olive. I'm attempting to make all the colors flow through the house so it won't be the circus it has been in my rentals! I've found I really love warm colors. Definitely NOT a beige girl...not a big shock to those that know me well!

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night-rider said...

You were right, you had to get rid of that green and the imitation wood panelling (if my eyes are not mistaken) in the dining room. The honey colour looks great and the cupboards look so much nicer without the lime accents!
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