Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Pre-Travel "Stuck"

Eh...I can't believe that I'm actually taking the time to blog today. I have to leave early for three weeks tomorrow and while I should be scurrying around to get everything done...I feel stuck.

I would much rather curl up on the couch and watch the rest of the first season of 24 and take a nap. I feel all icky today. Going home (and abroad) is great because I miss everyone so much but it's alot of work and packing and preparing and concerning...along with the emotional investment...sigh. I'm exhausted already.

So, I've baked a bit and talked to Steph a bit...okay maybe a bit more than a bit, but I NEEDED that laugh! (A little observation "girl talk" was in order! Hee-Hee! I'M FINE, STEPH- I promise!)

I also promised that I would post some pictures of Milo for her to update her on his look. So here are some pictures of him and some other developments at the house.

This is his homemade "doggie door". They are so expensive but thanks to My husband, Mr. Handyman...He just built one for us in the garage wall.

The outside has a nice ramp for him on hinges that we can close up at night or when we go on vacation. It also helps with our scaredy dog! Pretty ingenious, huh?

This is the before of our house before we enclosed (I use that word "loosely"!) the garage into a play room.

This is after! Matt did a great job on his own installing doors for the first time without any instruction! The doors were donated to us by a family member of a friend..I think?? Oh well-thanks, Matt and Lori, anyway!

My "get well" present from my dad after my surgery. He practically remodeled my kitchen! A new double oven, range top and yes...DISHWASHER! Yippee! I had a dishwasher for like a second in Lafayette and I have missed it very much. I agreed to go back to work full-time as long as this bad boy made it into my cabinets! Thanks to Seth and Anne who gifted us all the appliances!

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Sandy said...

does this mean the "dishes wife" is left out in the cold??? Seriously, the house looks great! Just the excuse I needed to visit again. I am sure glad about the stove top, I was scared of the other one!