Friday, September 21, 2007

All the Fun Without The Work

Today I got to pretend I was a second grade teacher!

I suppose being a high school substitute might be more difficult but I found the elementary level to be a total blast. The kids were good (minus a few minor "breakdowns" of sorts over hurt feelings and tiredness) and we all laughed alot together.

I breezed out of the classroom with no pending papers to grade or parents to talk to!

Subbing. All the fun without the work!


Steph said...

For being alike in so many ways - we are REALLY different in've just described a nightmare sub job to me! Glad you liked it though.

Alicia said...

Subbing really is the best - but in my experience high school is even easier. The teachers tended to leave a video or reading or writing assignment and I pretty much just read a book and made sure nothing crazy happened.