Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Week In Rewind

Well, believe it or not, this is actually the first free minute that I've had to blog all week. I will warn will lack all the details.

Being back to work full-time is very challenging. I love the people that I work with and know that God has put me there for this time for a reason. I'm dedicated to doing my best and being thankful for the chance to be with my boys during the day and be able to help out a bit with the finances.

Having said that....I'm so tired.

I fell asleep almost every night at 8pm and feel like I have to take every moment to do "something" so that I am staying on top of everything...housework, bills, children time, homework, work preparations, laundry, healthy hot meal....AHHH!

I came home from work last night and had a message from a friend here that she saw a lady running with her dog and it made her think of me-she wished we could still do lunch sometimes!

I put my head on the desk and cried a bit.

How do women do all of this and still maintain relationships? I've talked to my best friend ONCE (?) this week and we usually talk every other day! My other friendships here are...I don't know where they are?...I haven't talk to them all week! I feel so out of the loop. (Thanks for calling Di and Lori...that really helped!)

I will say that in a couple of weeks, I have every Tuesday and Thursday off. I thought I would dread this but I had last Thursday morning at home by myself and it was...well...FABULOUS! I ran/walked four miles, read my Bible and prayed in total quiet, had breakfast, a leisure shower and wandered into work at noon! YES..things will get much better in a couple of weeks.

I do miss homeschooling the boys very much. All three of us grew to love schooling at home and maybe we'll get to do that again one day. Meanwhile, I know it's what is best for them.

Sam loves school and can't wait to go every day. He completely enjoys some of the subjects that I didn't really highlight in homeschooling so that's great.

Jo says "it isn't terrible". He's very shy at school and his teacher says that 50% of the time, he just plays alone. I don't know what to think about that. I guess that is the way some children are...I just can't relate to it! :) The second day of school, Jo asked me if he could just stay home and homeschool! Poor baby!

Matt loves the school and is in all of his glory. The parents think he's fabulous and even my kindergartner's are asking if he's coming at the end of the day to tell them a story! Figures...I stand on my head all afternoon to get them to like me and he tells one "Bob Story" and becomes a guest speaker! It's good to see Matt loving his job again. It's been a long time...

So, I said there wouldn't be details and it seems I lied! I guess it wasn't as bad to re-live as I thought it was going to be.

Here are some pics from the week! Enjoy!

The boys on the first day of school.

Jo being very scared and shy in his class.

Sam on the phone with Grammy before going to his first class.

Jo after we arrived home on the first day. Poor boy!
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Steph said...

Hello - my name is Stephanie, I just happened upon your blog and thought we could be friends! :P
This week has been nuts here too! Prophecy conference Sun-THurs until 8 then home to bath and get the boys in bed for school. Dr. appts for myself and Elijah and soccer practice before the meetings at church. Rummage sales at mom's Fri and Sat and watched Landon for Julie Friday until around 9pm plus my father in law has come for the weekend.

Mr. Harmless said...

For the record, I still enjoy playing by myself... 50% of the time with other people still seems like too much for me.

(Also, Jo didn't fall asleep on the way home until Thursday or Friday. The first day we went to the lake and swam.)

Sam said...

Don't tell people that I am talking to my grammy on the phone... that's embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

Not sure that the seat belt is doing a very good job :-0

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mr. Harmless for that NOT so needful fact correction!

Geesh, you know we are the only ones that regularly read this!

I know...I know....About the seatbelt, I try! I feel it should go over his chest but Matt won't let me because he heard some terrible story about a child who was..well, I don't really want to type it but it wasn't good because of the seatbelt against the neck.

What can I do?


Sandy said...

I have been feeling the "to homeschool or not to homeschool" burn this year also, so I totally feel for you, making the decision to return to work. I am glad that you are all able to be in the same place. Also for Matt that he is back in an environment that he loves! Life has been very busy here. I ended up staying home from work on Saturday..and spending the day at home trying to keep Peyton quiet. She is doing great now, and is her normal self. I had specific prayer requests in light of her surgery, and God was faithful.. as usual! I hope your body adjusts soon, I am sure that a new routine will come along, which we all know is what works best for you ;) love you and miss you