Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sisterly Advice

I called my sis a couple of weeks ago to get a bit of advice on how to handle life as a mother/wife that works and yet still tries to be "superwoman"!

She gave me three "must do's":
1. Get off of caffeine and white sugar
2. Exercise regularly
3. Give up some things around the house

So, Jean...I'm exercising three-four times a week and I'm officially "caffeine free"!!

After years of excessive caffeine addiction, I am three weeks clean. I am sipping a bit of caffeine right now but I feel I've earned some trust for moderation. It wasn't as hard to come off of it as I expected. The key..."wean" yourself.

Frankly, I've never felt better. My mind is much clearer and I have way more energy. The splitting headaches that I thought were from NOT having caffeine are actually gone. I guess it's a vicious cycle of believing the caffeine helps but realizing that the drug is the culprit!

I'm still obsessive about the house but I am communicating honestly about my need for help from my boys.

The white thing at a time!

Thanks for the sisterly help!

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