Monday, September 10, 2007

"Service" Kindergarten Style I've said before, I have left my stay-at-home mom position for the life of librarian/afternoon kindergarten lady.

Wouldn't you know it...I don't have ONE girl in my afternoon class!

Am I cursed?

I DO have 7 little stinky, jumpy, sweaty, giggly, minature men and I have to say that while little boys are my specialty-these guys can wear you out!

Every day after lunch they have "rest time". Thank goodness! But, they all hate me for it. Nearly every afternoon, one of the boys will threaten me that he is "Not Coming Back!" because I made him lay down.

I told one of them the other day that he wasn't to speak to me disrespectfully..that I was an adult!

He told me quite clearly that I was NOT an adult.

(He must have gotten my family's latest memo!)

I do break the kindergarten nap rule and let them slip off their sneakers for rest time. I used to hate it when the teacher would not let us "air our feet" for nap in aftercare! Although, like most childhood perspectives..I understand it now! Fifteen minutes. That's what it takes for me to squeeze their smelly, dirty, sweaty feet into shoes that are CLEARLY not big enough for their feet!

I was tempted to gripe in my head today but I remembered the verses about serving each other and washing each other's feet.

I figure this is my version of the basin and towel.

Moms that have boys at school right now-take heart. Some of you are being supported!...

I looked around me today at a room full of boys and thought, "This is our future." These will be our men in a few years and it convicted me to pray for their little souls.

We've got to stick together as moms..praying for our children. I do love my little afternoon guys and they are growing on me. I'm breaking them in to getting hugs and kisses from me but for now I'm mostly met with "BLAH!".

Oh well...teacher revenge!

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Steph said...

How funny that you have more boys...who'd of guessed that you and I can't catch a break between us! :)