Thursday, September 20, 2007

An Official Announcement

I feel it has come to this....

I know this will apparently be painful to some but please, don't feel rejected!

Just for the record- I AM NOT JOINING FACE BOOK!

Good grief.

I signed up for what I thought was the ability to see other people's pages and found that I inadvertently created a page for myself! AH!

I immediately have a gazillion "friends" and people were commenting on my "wall", congratulating me in finally joining.

Listen people (otherwise known as "friends"), There is NO WAY I have the time to deal with another personal web page! I barely blog as it is! I don't understand Face Book and frankly, I think it lacks the personal charm of an old-fashioned blog. puts me too much in mind of My Space-which I utterly detest!

I will say, it answers the questions as to where all my buddies are when they are NOT reading my blog!

It is hard to say no. I have been warmly welcomed. Many folks have left kind words and put pictures of me up...I am weak for that kind of attention! Also, I have been invited in to a "I wanna be like Seth" group and that is amusing.

Only Tanya would continue to flatter a man whose ego is already the size of Texas! She's too nice!

I don't know. I'll have to investigate more but for now I'm long time loyal to

It's been good to me.


Steph said...

Thank goodness - I got invited and thought the natives had won you over. I'm with you - let's stick to blogger!
Hey check out Loco Shih Tzu's website and see the adorable puppy she has for sale. It could be Hershey's tiny brother - oh to have such a little cutie to be Stella's boyfriend...the puppies they could make!

Ashley said...

I do have to say that if you joined facebook, you could become friends with your neice and nephews and see our pages and what we are up to. It would be a fun way to keep in contact with you : ) Just a thought : )

Paul Fuller said...

Hmmm... I guess I won't be able to add you to my "Favorite Friends."