Thursday, September 20, 2007

Poor JoJo

This week, Josiah has a fever and a chesty, barking-like cough.

That's right...just seven days from when he had the stomach flu.

Poor JoJo.

I'm figuring after the chickenpox, a skin-breaking bite and a good case of head lice, he should be set for excellent health! Oh, and several rounds of ear infections!

(eww...head lice. God save us from such a day!)

Kindergarten class...apparently a highly successful germ breeding environment!


Steph said...

Poor kid! Man tough few weeks!

Rog & Aimee said...

HI. I never go on someone's blog I don't know and comment them but I am devin Merritt's sister in law and I saw how you said your son was sick. weird thing. a bunch of kids at our church had the flu and now a few of them have the bark cough and the fever. more have the fever than the cough but I just really caught that as interesting. must be combined somehow?? ok have a great day.