Sunday, October 21, 2007

Even Women Will Be Girls

Small observation from my regular Saturday dinner with my girlfriends, Anne and Di.

*Even when you are in your thirties...and maybe WAY MORE than when you were care about getting just the right picture!

It was cracking me up what an event it was just to take a nice picture of us in our Halloween shirts. Inevitably one of us didn't like our hair...or our profile..or our hips...etc, etc, etc.

I still didn't end up with a clear shot but I love the pictures because of all the vain attempts to come across defying our flaws!

Girls will be girls but even more...Women will sometimes be girls!

(Want the in person video of the critiquing...check out the video Matt took below!)

Steph..this one is for you! Look at Di's adorable Charlie Brown t-shirt! You would sooo buy that!

The only decent shot! Good grief!

Let's get approval!

Gotta love digital cameras!

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(Sorry, it is very grainy for some reason. It was taken with Matt's cell phone.)


Manda said...

Um, I know pics can be stressful and all, but I'm not sure that makes it ok to publicly use profanity! :)

Steph said...

I must have one of those shirts? Where did you get it???
And Charity - tsk, tsk - you go back to work and your turn into a potty mouth! :P
Cute shirts and fun pictures

Charity said...

SO Sorry...I have corrected my precarious typo! I'm really not the type to curse! :)

Too bad for those that missed it!-It was pretty funny.

You know, you can proofread 100 times and still miss a thing or two but this was like a sore thumb! I'm still a little shocked spell check didn't catch it??

Oh Well.