Friday, October 12, 2007

Stress Test

My dad thinks he's so funny.

I told him that Matt was having a stress test today and he asked me what kind of stress test it was?

"The kind where he gets on the treadmill and they watch his heart or the one where they put him in a small room with me (Charity) and our bills for the afternoon?!"


I do kind of idle at "financial awareness". I'll admit it.


He didn't exactly pass his stress test. There were some irregularities and so they feel he should go on to the cathaterization type test and see what they find. In a nutshell...there's a 60% chance that his heart has some bad spots.

Ironic. The one person that I would say really almost does have a "good heart"-doesn't!

It makes me wonder what mine looks like? Eek!

I'll keep you updated. Pre-authorizations are underway and so it should be a few days until that one happens. Meanwhile, diet and exercise are on the docket.

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Anonymous said...

We will continue to pray. Did they tell him to start taking a low dose aspirin a day? Can't be too careful, like I said when you called.Jeannie