Saturday, October 20, 2007

Niven's and Flat Stanley

Here are a few pictures from Jo's first class field trips. The first set are from an apple orchard here near where we live called Niven's and the second set is from a play that we saw called "Flat Stanley". He had a great time at them both and it works well for me because all of my children I work with are in K-5 so I'm free to go without missing work.

(Not so happy right at first!)

(Caught Mid-jump!)

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(Everyone make a crazy face!)
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Jo and his buddy Christian

Jo and his teacher, Mrs. Paris. She is so sweet and we've become great friends!

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Steph said...

Ahh - the field trips. We have now become offical "room moms" who make the cupcakes and go on the field trips. (Okay, so I haven't made any cupcakes yet - but I did do the field trip). Cute - we did the pumpkin patch and you did the apple orchard...Seriously, I feel old.