Saturday, October 20, 2007

100 Years and Counting...

Today my neighbor Sanford turned 100 years old.

We were excited to go to his long planned birthday party and celebrate a good life.

I laughed this past week as I talked to his wife (she's twenty some years younger than him) and she filled me in on her concerns for his birthday party.

"I want to make sure he's not overwhelmed before we get there. I want him to have gone to the bathroom...get a good nap...have a decent lunch so he's not grouchy! OH...and I hope he doesn't catch some virus and is too sick to go!"

I told her she sounded alot like a mom of a one year old getting ready to have that first big party!

She agreed..there are many similarities of you 1st party and your 100th party!

Happy birthday, Sanford! I hope you have many more!
Jo getting ready to sign Sanford's card
Me, Sam and Jo with Pat, Sanford's sweet wife and my friend
All of the people who have cared for Sanford
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Sanford, Pat and Sanford's sister

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Anonymous said...

At first glance Sanford's sister looks like one of Grandpa Lathrop's sisters.
Not to funny how life works to were your 1st and 100th b-days are similar. Julie