Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sam's first fundraiser

Well..I'm in a parental dilemma.

I got notified a couple of weeks ago that Sam's third grade class had been invited to the fourth and fifth grade's spring field trip to Alabama/Atlanta. It is an overnight trip and costs $250.00 per child.

They are trying to kill me...seriously.

Of course, I have the typical concerns...I don't want him off overnight in that setting by himself without us...What about supervision at the hotel-I mean we barely know these people still!...What about at rest stops?...What about age appropriateness?...WHAT ABOUT THE MONEY???

Matt and I had a meeting with the teachers and while they see our points, they feel they are good to go. They have arranged fundraisers for the kids to be able to knock a bit off of their costs but if one of us decides to go, it's another $250.00!

He's NOT going without one of us!

I figured someone else would decline the trip but everyone else is sending their child. Am I willing to make Sam be the only child that doesn't go?

I don't think I can do that to him.

So, we sat down with him at home and told him our guidelines:

1. One parent must go, so Sam has to earn $500.00 not $250.00. (I'm not being rigid...I will chip some in but he needs to know that God must give us ALL the money or we will have to change our minds-even in the last month.)

2. He must be willing to earn a good deal through odd jobs and fundraisers. He is also going to decline many Christmas presents to get money instead for the trip.

3. He must be dedicated to the cause. If he gets lazy or acts like he doesn't care, then we call the whole thing off.

I gave him a couple of days to really think about whether he wanted to go and he took those days. He came to me this past week and let me know that he was up for the challenge. He said, "I checked and I already have 3 dollars so only $496.00 more to go!"

What an optimist!

So, this week we had our first fundraiser. The kids were to go to Fudrucker's and take care of people needs and get drinks, clear tables...etc. while some of us used coupons to eat with the school getting 10% back from sales.

Sam made me take him 15 minutes early and that kid worked his fingers to the bones for two and a half hours. He was so cute. I only got a few pics in the beginning because my batteries went dead but you should have seen them in full swing, running all over the place for ketchup and drink refills and soppy washcloths to wipe table with!

Matt and I got asked 642 times "if we needed anything"...and Matt came home running into the bathroom after 20-something refills. No kidding!

So cute and a great time to spend with our friends at the school. I'm totally hooked on fundraisers now!

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Steph said...

So how much money did he get that night? We need some sort of icon on your blog that shows us his progress.

Sandy said...

I am trying to come up with some jobs from here (right now, P & P could use some help in their pit of a room, but that just isn't possible)! I seriously think that this is SO great, even if you had the extra money on hand..I think we all appreciate what we work for SO much more! GO Sam!!

Amanda said...

your boys are soo big!! And adorable! Hope things are going well!