Sunday, June 08, 2008

"Hypocrite" (For my high school locker room friends..San, Steph and Amanda)

Ah...the title got you interested, huh? Sounds like I'm about to start an online war with insults and criticism!


Just thought I would let you guys know that last week at school, I went on a rampage about an infestation of fruit flies in my library which is located behind a wall of lockers.

Apparently, a 7th grader left a rotten banana in the bottom of his locker! He has, in fact, been guilty of leaving left-overs from his lunch in his locker this whole year!

I went raging through the halls, shooing fruit flies, yelling about how disgusting this activity is and that he should be punished until the result is a "clean locker" that doesn't smell. I mean, "Doesn't He Know That We ALL Have To Share This Space????"

It's official.

I am a total hypocrite, right?


Steph said...

Tee hee ... if the children only knew Mrs Harmless didn't just junk up A locker...more like SIX lockers... but who's remembering?
Our show starts tonight! WOO HOO!

Sandy said...

I KNOW I have a photo somewhere of that bench outside of our lockers! ! I don't remember if you bothered with books, but I remember you had a locker just for hair supplies!! Now..if you catch some girls hanging out with a the girls locker room...please go easy on them..k? Miss you my friend!

Charity said...

Yep...I have to say, I can be thankful that my past struggle with OCD left me with the "neat gene" I wasn't born with! I forgot about the hair supply locker. Very handy! You can't say I wasn't efficient in utilizing all our locker room resources:

1. Hair supply locker
2. Book locker
3. "I didn't finish my sandwich" locker
4. Bench for sneaking guys in and sitting with them on...or laying down from cramps!
5. Multiple mirrors so that I could have plenty of space to primp and do my weird "shoulder thing" that Steph always made fun of me about!
6. Shower stalls to hide in

Limitless, really.

Charity said...

Did none of you do strange, teen-ager things or was it just me???'s unbalanced how much I'm made fun of! :)

Sandy said...

I am sure we all did "strange teenage things," but yours were so funny! Especially since now you are WAY neater than any of won't catch me posting too many pics that show the background of my living room right now!