Thursday, June 26, 2008

Guess Where I'm Going This Weekend???

That's right, my girlfriends...I'm going to Lake Lure-Home of "this" film!

I'm not going to directly name the movie because let's face it...I'm still a little afraid of my mother! :)

But, if you were alive and pushing your teen years when this came out you will only need to see this picture to squeal a little bit in glee with me!

We live about 45 minutes from Chimney Rock State Park and Lake Lure. There you can find the cabins that "Baby" and her summer bo stayed in and the hotel. This is "Johnny's Cabin"

The Inn that is there provides a full menu of Baby items to choose from:

Baby's Burger $3.95 Kid-sized char-grilled patty served on a bun
Baby's Cheeseburger $3.95Kid-sized char-grilled patty with American cheese served on a bun

Of course, I made the mistake and checked the weather report and it's suppose to rain the whole weekend but then I had a ray of hope...that will only make the moment that I make Matt replay the lake scene with me MORE authentic!! I've been practicing my "run and jump" move all week! I'm actually very good at it!


Anonymous said...

I have to say, if I actually see a picture of you and Matt doing this "move", I think I may laugh for a very long time and not ever stop laughing when I think about it. I am laughing now just thinking about this being your Christmas Matt can do amazing photoshop work ya know...


Anonymous said...

oh, i'm terribly jealous!! LOVE the photo. . . brings back SOOO many memories :-)

Charity said...

Oh Lori...the "move" WILL happen. I may fall face first and Matt may end up in the hospital with a hernia but we will try it!

And you'd better believe there will be dancing on some log somewhere, too!

I have to private I have tried looking at myself "practice dance" in a mirror with only a bikini top and a pair of black tights and heels but I don't pull that off as well as she did!

I do have her old nose, though!

Charity said...

Why would anyone who will be at "Duke Fest" be jealous of me??

(You're such a devoted wife, Jess!)

Have fun! We'll compare notes when we get together!

Rick said...

We've got a condo on the golf course @ Bald Mountain. A rainy day up there is better than just about anything here in SC. Have fun, stay dry, and don't try to put Baby in a corner.

Steph said...

I'm expecting my Christmas card with the pose! Soo fun. Has Matt been getting ready too? :)
Where will the kiddo's be during this "remaking of the movie"?

Sandy said...

oh, that looks like such fun! I am trying not to wish my girls older (like we talked about a few weeks ago), but this is one of those movies that they "must" watch with me when they are old enough! have fun!

Charity said...

I think it will be fun.

You know, now I see the movie through "parent eyes" and I get why they didn't want me to see it.

Sam keeps asking me what movie was filmed there and I find ways not to tell him...I mean even the title is incriminating!

Sandy said...

Funny, the biggest issues with the movie are really not the dancing. It has more to do with the premise, covering up for someone to go and have an abortion. Also the whole lying to your parents and hiding a relationship that they wouldn't approve of. The other movie from this era that stands out is "Pretty Woman." How can we explain how much we loved that movie to our children while we teach them about morality??

Anonymous said...

I hope you "have the time of your life" Have you tried dancing up stairs carrying a watermelon yet? And make sure you keep an eye on your purse! I think it was the Shoemaukers who were stealing?? Love ya, Julie

Devin said...

Oh, that is hilarious....and I must admit, I am sooooo jealous! Have fun!