Sunday, June 08, 2008

Jo's Graduation...Or Maybe we ALL graduated a bit!

My first official Sunday facing the summer...

You know the phrase "A Sigh of Relief"?

I guess if you look at the history of my poor blog you would be able to tell that my life has been indescribably busy this year and the desire to relive it all over again in online fashion was just simply not enjoyable anymore.

Before I go into all of that, let me give you some pics of Jo's graduation and those who care for the details can catch back up with me below...

Jo with our administrator, Jill. This was an act of manipulation that will stay between her and I but she was a good sport to take a picture for me! :)Posted by Picasa

Waiting for the program!

Jo with his Kindergarten teacher and my good friend, Sarah.

Facing his playground...

Jo's friends signing their graduation caps!

Jo and his best friend, Christian. They've already exchanged digits and will get together this summer!

My sweet boy...How cute is he?

Well, I can't believe this school year is over. My sweet little boy..who is now a FIRST grader has graduated from kindergarten and frankly, I thought he was too little to even go there! Sam is a fourth grader now...FOURTH GRADER! He turns ten this summer and the idea that he will be double digits just blows my mind. I know moms always go on and on about how fast time speeds by but there's a reason they do...Where has the time gone?

I remember at the start of this year and truthfully believing that I would never adjust. I was a stay-at-home mom for nine years and honestly expected that I would always be! Going back to work was a shock to my system (still is in many ways) and yet I have to say, I've settled in. I got to still be apart of my kids and husband's daily lives while facing some challenges that I never would have been able to do had I not "flown the coop" of my little house.

Our library is up and running which may not impress many much but it started as a room stacked full of boxes and no furniture to a now..lovely nook where people can find a good book and have some quiet. It's also sparked my own love of reading and for the first time, I prefer it to almost any other form of entertainment! (almost!)
Matt bought me a hammock swing for my porch and I've taken to grabbing my new favorite book after dinner at night and reading in it until dark...or until I doze off to sleep.

*sigh* I love it.

I dreaded the idea that I would lose my friends that I have made here to my new job but I've found that I underestimate the love and loyalty of people and along with them have a new family of friends at work. I will miss a couple of them IMMENSELY this summer. They are different in that we work so many hours together they are more like sisters than friends. I already feel the void of not checking in with them every day.

Sam did awesome this year and never brought a book home for homework! I don't get it? He's his father's son, I guess. So smart and kind. I keep waiting for him to turn into that dreaded teenager but he's getting better with age it seems. We have a blast together and he's truly been a joy to raise so far. I've noticed some big changes in him since he's become a believer and he's responded to God's leading in ways that I could never have nurtured on my own. He got the "Obedience and self-control" award for his class and I was so proud of him! I'd love for someone to give ME that award, right?! Straight A's...all year!

Jo got the "unwavering friendship" award and while I was equally proud of him...can you imagine what we've got comin'? :) Sam kept telling everyone it was the "unraveling friendship" award! I repeatedly reminded him that that's the one I get! Jo is something else. Very funny..very artistic and musical. A big ole' show off. He can have you cracking up with a single look. If you ask him who is favorite musician is right now he'll proudly tell you "Mandesa!"

Matt ended the school year with a very moving speech in front of his students at the awards ceremony that...just like when you see a movie and you love the ending but you're okay to leave it at the credits...and then you watch another that you fall in love with the characters and it leaves you needing to know more about their lives-to see more of the story, a "sequel"-That is how he feels about school this year as compared to other years...He can't wait to come back and see more of their story. He's not content to leave it here.

Of course, all the emotional girls swooned and cried as I would have also with my friends had one of our teachers said that about us!

It has been literally amazing and comforting to see Matt be in a job that he loves and is valued of the most gratifying things in our marriage for me. The best dream you can fulfill is placing yourself in a sacrificial position so someone else can fulfill their dream! I'm begging Matt to get his masters in administration because I think he'd be an awesome principal! His fear of man has been taken from him and he's extremely sensible.

And I...well, I can't believe what all this year has brought me. There have been some very hard moments..times I wish I could take back and do over. I've lost touch with some friends along with the new ones I've made but with loss comes moments to gain wisdom....Like, prioritizing and investing into the "first" friends God gave you-Your Siblings! My sister Jeannie and I have become really close this year and I love that know matter what, we'll be there for each other. (We've had some great laughs this year..right, Jean? EVEN IF you didn't let me brush your hair!) My sis, Jules has moved back towards home and I'm looking forward to seeing her more often. Looks like every sibling will be on our vacation this summer..ALL FIVE! Watch out! :)

I've seen my weaknesses (as you will when you work in a building full of women!) and I've got a grocery list of things I never knew I needed to work on!

I just sold all my baby stuff in a garage sale and I guess it feels good to have made that decision or rather having God settle it For me! I don't have the house-full of children that I imagined for my life but I do have a school-full of kids that need love and care. I'm thinking of going back to college in the next few years as...I can humbly admit..a general studies major! I STILL am not sure what I want to be when I grow up but I know I want to finish my education.

I need to start with a class on how to work full-time AND keep my house clean! :)

So, this is the update of my family. I am planning on coming north for the month of August but until can find me in my hammock swing. I'm starting "The Alchemist" by Coelho and so there may be more snoozing than reading! :) I'll let you know!


Steph said...

So adorable (and makes me feel a little guilty as Elijah has discovered all his friends are moving to 1st grade. I keep hearing, "MOM - I can count to 100 I can DO first grade")
Good to see you blogging again. May this be the summer of a blogging friendship! :)

Alicia said...

You made it - hooray for summer!

Charity said...

Ah Steph..don't feel guilty. Now that I've worked with the Kindergarten class all year and their teachers, it's almost always better to make boys wait until they are older. Trust me...

It's hard when you think they are ready and find that they can't keep up. That's really sad for them...And the mom! He's going to be in school his whole life-don't rush it! :)

Oh, our show....whoa. I thought it was a little over-dramatic at first but then they got us! CALL ME!