Monday, June 11, 2007

For the Master from the Grasshopper!

This post is for my Mom-in-law. She is a master gardener and I could only hope to have gardens like hers one day! She was very sad that she would not be near to help me attack the largest garden I have ever tried and I know she was doubtful that I could maintain and weed it...

What the heck...So was I!

So, Mother Teresa! Here is everything in bloom! (And I think it looks pretty darn good for almost two weeks in bed...yeah?)

This is the front of the house. The Lariape is shooting up wonderfully as it can only do in the South!

This is my monster hydrangea bush FINALLY blooming. I had to baby that plant and talk to it every day after the Easter frost we got. It will be great next year!

This is the my herb garden on the side of the house. It also is shooting up my African and Gerber daisies. I have a variety of herbs and I love this side of the house! It smells like Lemon Balm!

This is the back flower/vegetable garden. I wanted to show you that Matt built me a swinging door to go into it. It is very cute!

These are the mystery plants that were originally in my herb garden that we couldn't figure out what they were. I transplanted them into the veggie garden and surprise...They are Zucchini plants!

Remember that gardener that we used to live by on the other side of town that had the AMAZING garden? Well, Matt stole his idea for me and while I was sick he installed a fence side sprinkler so I wouldn't have to work my way around the inside of the garden! It is so great!


Steph said...

Sorry I missed your call tonight= summer races began and then big cookout afterwards so we didn't get done til late. Talk to you tomorrow!

Teresa said...

Everything looks really good, I can't even see any weeds!! I am so proud of you! Now about the mystery plant. I have grown zucchini for years and that is a weird looking plant. But its the south, so what can I say....they have different zucchini?! Enjoy your garden!