Sunday, June 10, 2007


Okay...I mustered up the energy to go water my beautiful garden and my neighbor who is Vietnamese came over to see how I was feeling.

Of course, I griped at him about how long it was taking to get better and how the whole experience has made me feel very old and unhealthy. I mean, when I'm thinking about joining some gym (Which I declare ALL OF THEM dens of wickedness) or becoming a know I'm desperate!

I knew he owns a martial arts company and was fervent about teaching and he went on the tell me that he had an adult class and could make me very strong if I started to do martial arts. He bragged on how clear it would make my mind when I was older and the benefits of its workout. He's also observed that my husband is gone all summer and it would help me know how to defend myself.

Now...I will admit that learning martial arts has been an intriguing thought in the secret places of my mind but I really thought that I would have to keep it just that...a secret. I mean how severely would you all mock me if I wore one of those white suits and kicked at things? Am I not having a correct perspective in thinking that that would be kind of cool and a great alternative to regular workouts??

Should I just stick to being the mom that watches Sam and Jo karate chop people?
He did say he would give the lessons free of charge...


He also said I could come over and he and his wife would teach me to cook fresh oriental food! THAT will happen...

I'm taking a survey-Let me know!


Steph said...

I say go for it - especially if it is free. But I like the food class part even better - how fun!

Mr. Harmless said...

Wax on

Wax off

sam said...

i'm ready for chopping, yeah!!!

night-rider said...

Do the martial arts, and the cooking - but tell the very proscriptive Matt that, seeing he's going to be away all summer, you'll keep your tv programs thanks! Well I don't know, but this post you say the neighbour notices he's away all summer and next post he's laying down his 'holier than thou' law about you and the boys not watching tv while (apparently) he's not going to be there to miss it! Sometimes your man makes me cross! Hope you are feeling better... and Char, "This above all to thine own self be true and it shall follow as the night the day, thou can'st not then be false to any man".

Charity said...

Thanks for your concern, night-rider but you couldn't be more wrong about Matt.

I feel very fortunate that I have a husband that spends his time "learning" his family so that he can help us become the right kind of people.

The television change was a "suggestion" and I apologize if I inferred that it was a command.

Your quote was lovely...I always love a good quote! But, if I chose to be "true to myself"...I'd be alone right now, having lost my boys and partner. I'm only interested in being true to my God-which by the way, is what Matt was helping me to do.

I know we've never seen eye-to-eye about that and that's okay but I don't like that you seem to think I'm some "pent up" wife that can't think for herself.

So far from the truth...obviously! :)

Charity said...

Oh...and by the way, everyone, in the short time of missing a few hours of tv...I've read three books, embroidered some pillowcases, learning a new cooking style, listened to many hours of Mozart with Sam AND got several hours more sleep than I would have-all making me a generally more happpy person.

I recommend a tv fast to anyone! It has been one of the best weeks I've had in a long time.