Monday, June 04, 2007

One mother's dream-another's...

I don't know how to be sick.

I usually allow 24-48 hours at the most but this whole stay in bed for a week is crazy!! I'm completely bored!

I talked to my doctor today and after scolding me for blowing my nose (ouch) he informed me that days 7-10 will be a relapse of pain and then I should be ready to go. My sister threatened me not to do anything that will prohibit flying in three weeks and my neighbor told me some horrendous story about her husband trying to get up too soon and then being sent to bed for 8 weeks! WHA-HUH??

So, Sam vacuumed my room and dusted it to keep me more apt to stay in bed and I'm re-discovering the internet!

Thank goodness, my best friend is on vacation with a computer because I've been sitting here with my eyes peeled to my inbox shooting amusing e-mails back and forth with her! If you are wanting my full attention then NOW is the time to send me a letter. I thought of starting a "Dear Abby" blog so I could spend my days giving my opinion on situations of concern! That always makes me happy....

Any online gaming site suggestions are welcomed! There are only a bazillion to choose from and I don't know what any of these games are??? Anybody want to play cards with me?

I did enjoy an online makeover site where I got to look at different hairstyles and glasses and such...I'm pretty much sticking with my current beauty regime....yeah.

I'm thinking about forcing myself to watch Schindler's List again. That's one that will keep you from self-pity.

This may be one mother's dream but not mine. My garden is calling me and the sun thinks that I've gotten a conscience about safe skin care!

Five more days...Five more days...


Sandy said...

we need more pictures please!

Charity said...

Oh...get serious!

You may be in your model-esque phase of life but the rest of us normal moms are just trying to hold on to some of their dignity!

I could kill Matt for what he put on here already!

Alicia said...

Wow! I just happened across your blog again tonight. I had no idea. I'll be praying for you, girl. Do you need anything? A meal? An errand run for you?

Okay, on to internet time wasters.

Game - - I find Bejeweled 2 ridiculously addictive. Also Gem Drop and Super Bounce Out are past addictions.

Theology (not a time waster) - - endless articles

Blogs (obviously) - some of my favs are listed on my blog

And I can get lost at family fun's website or allrecipes for hours.

Steph said...

Check out my site - my blog friend Laura wrote you. I LOVE her blog - read it for some laughs (she has two little girl Isaiah's)