Sunday, June 24, 2007

Home Bound-Two Ways


I'm still-YES STILL, very sick from my surgery.

The tonsils are better and that is a blessing. I know I will appreciate the welcomed "roomy" hollowness that I will experience in my throat when the nose lets all the swelling and reaction go away.

Apparently, (and I have found others who have had this surgery to verify) my nose is all fresh with new tissue and that makes it very sticky (gross!) for allergens in the air. So far, I can't go to church or the store or just sit outside without a decent amount of reaction and discomfort and nose bleeds.

Matt's new boss said it took her a YEAR to feel normal! Wha-huh?!

I've never known myself to have allergies but I now have a great compassion for those who suffer. It's terrible.

Yesterday I went to Bath and Body Works...ran in and started sniffing my favorite "Cotton Blossom" and suddenly my nose felt on fire and my throat started closing up. The migraine headache soon followed.

*Stuffy Sigh*

The doctor wants to re-scrape the nose and while that will bring some sets me up to start all over again with the healing.

So, I've decided to stay in the house as much as possible. I'm now a "shut-in" :)

Problem is....on Thursday of this week, I leave for a whirlwind three week vacation!

I'll spend four days in the mountains with my family and siblings, rush up to Indiana to drop the kids off where I will fly out of St. Louis with my sister and her family to spend a WHOLE WEEK in San Antonio, Texas with my other sis, Julie! YEAH! I'm not sure what to think about a week completely by myself without my family? What will I do with all that free time? Blessedness to my sister who is taking me and Jean to a 4-star spa resort!

Then, I'll fly back and spend another week in Indiana visiting family and friends from where I used to live.


So, I have the potential of having a miserable nose month or this home bound business could kick in and really make me feel better in the next couple of days??

Yeah-fat chance, right?!

Oh well! I've stacked up on allergy medicine and I'm trying not to stress. The next couple of days are going to be hectic and then gone for several weeks so I'll write again when I can!

(BTW...Steph, we have a date, right? We need it!)

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Steph said...

Hang in there! I'm worth the misery! :) And honestly - "whahuh" is very funny to read when you write it, but I can NOT imagine hearing you say it...we'll have to see when you get here!