Sunday, June 10, 2007

Slowly but sure...I think?

Well...I'm sorry for the delay.

I'm on day 11 of healing and I'm still BAD! In fact, I got a little worse these last couple of days.

I saw the doctor on Friday and he did HORRENDOUS things to clean my nose (by far...the most painful procedure yet) and he said that while I was healing nicely, I had a very extensive, painful surgery and I should expect to spend a good bit of time recovering.

I decided to venture out today to Fresh Market and buy a tomato and had to rush back home before I passed out. Matt actually had to help me into the door.

I am pathetic....but apparently, "pathetic" is very common amongst patients of this surgery so I'm not letting it defeat me!

I'm refusing to read any of your blogs because I'm too jealous of your active lives and frankly, I'm just that petty!

I have a million ideas for thought provoking blogs since all I could do for the last week and a half is lay around and think but the task of typing them just wears me out!

So, for now...I'm still sick and hurting and bored and depressed and VERY TIRED OF WATCHING MOVIES, but I will survive.


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