Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Pain in the...chest" appears I should open mouth, insert blog foot!

I arrived at work today late to find my husband back in heart pressure.

My poor husband and I spent the night at the doctor/cardiology office attempting to get a good look at Matt's painful, pressured heart.

So far so good. The first two beginning tests he has passed. No fluid on the heart or lungs and he didn't have a minor heart attack up to this point. He heads for blood work and a stress test on Friday. Meanwhile, they've given him the Nitro meds in case the pain goes back to intense with strict orders to "CALL EMS" if anything starts up again. They're also starting him on digestion medicine in between to see if that helps at all.

So far..he's feeling a bit better.

I have heard my fair share of "...I know so and so who died of a heart attack at 30 something..." stories today and frankly-that's enough! I get it! Pay whatever so that Matt can have life! Apparently "heart pressure and pain" for men (especially with a family history) is like a "lump" of ANY SORT for women. You just don't ignore it!

It's just a hard call because you face spending a bazillion dollars most likely to find out you're painfully burping dinner!

It struck me last night just how many truly financially challenged people die every day because they don't have an extra 5 or six hundred bucks!

We, of course, were attempting to giggle and laugh our way through the appointment and the nurse and doctor were NOT amused. After a good reality check-we sobered up a little! :)

I was relieved when he passed the first few tests but then I remembered that his dad also passed those test 8 years ago right before he had his six bypass surgery. Eek.

This was a very stressful day and we faced this after being up most of the night with Josiah who has a new virus. Excellent...

I am thankful that God provided a doctor that would see Matt, new patient with lots of pain, the same day we called thus making it much cheaper for our insurance...and I have to mention the blessing of childcare (thanks, Manda) even though Jo was sick so that I could go with Matt. I also should include a school full of teachers and administration that surrounded us with prayer today and much concern to accommodate our schedule for calls and support.

I'll keep you updated. We're holding out for the "indigestion or acid reflux" diagnosis!

That would better.


Alicia said...

Oh, Charity - I'm so sorry! I will post your name in an obvious spot and be praying for you and Matt and the rest of your family.

Charity said...

Thanks Alicia...Matt gets so embarrassed about stuff like this and I'm sure it's fine.

I guess these things just mysteriously happen sometime but you can't be too careful with the family history.

Thanks for praying!

Anonymous said...

Just prayed for you all and will keep praying for Matt and JoJo's health and peace and comfort for you all! Call if you need live prayer or laugher. We will be home all day. Corbin is sick again. I would think our kids have been playing together. Poor JoJO and Corbin have been sick with virus at the same 2 times. Love ya, Jule

Steph said...

I called this morning - I didn't get the message until last night around 11 your time and was afraid you would be asleep. What is going on? Call me cell if you want - we head to TN today and will be there until Sunday but I will have my cell with me.
Poor Jo Jo - another bug? It is the tummy one isn't it...I just have a bad feeling about it - hopefully it is short lived!