Sunday, December 31, 2006

Have you had yours?

I was thinking as I was singing on praise team at church this morning...

"Whoa...This is not what I ever thought I would be doing on Christmas Eve 2006!"

(Although, a church of 1,000 members and three other people with me...That's really NEVER been something I prefer to do!)

Isn't God amazing?

This year's New Year's Eve at the Harmlesses will be quieter than we've ever had before. We have declined most party invitations (unless Anne uses her charm on Matt and gets her way) and we will be ringing in 2007 with Sam.

This is the joy of older kids.

He could not be more excited and has big plans for how to spend the night. (He wants to watch Amazing Home Makeover all evening! I love him!)

I heard a song the other day and while it's not my favorite group, I stalled in the parking lot so I could hear all the words. Here is a section...

"There comes a time, in every heart
a time of real decision
when we reach the point of choosin'
how we would live our lives
all our hopes, all our dreams
will rise up from that moment,
the moment we surrender,
and choose to follow Christ.

He's been waiting all our lives to hear us say,
I am your's Lord take my hand and lead the way

When you believe He's all you need
that will be your defining moment.
As you live your life walking in His light,
trusting Him completely,
that will be,
that will be,
your defining moment.

All I have all I am,
is resting in His promise,
The promise that He'll make me everything that I should be,
I will live,
I will die
for the cause He set before me,
to take this love inside my heart
for all the world to see"

You know, that is so true. I look around and along with myself at some point in everyone's life, you see them come upon their defining moment. It looks so different for everybody but it's clear when they are there. For some, it's something they never would have imagined and for others it is as Job penned, "My worst fear has come upon me."

I know I have been there. Maybe a few times. I suppose that is because I keep in conflict over who has control over my life. My mom always says you've got to keep taking the test you fail...

I would hate for anyone to ever think I have (or believe I have) it figured out. I certainly have been made more aware of the contrary this Christmas. My appetite for sin and living for self is a minute by minute battle and the victories have nothing to do with my own strength...Trust me. I get frustrated and then I remember that God wanted to save me from myself and my selfish indulgences have left me in a fight for righteousness.

I suppose that will go on until the final breath. I know it will for at least the new year!


Setrn said...

what a great post! Me and the girls spent the eve at the church until 10 pm, and now we are home and going to ring in the new year together. I couldn't ask for better people to party with!

Anonymous said...

I've had those times, they seem to come more often, where you are presented w/a very clear choice: you can either choose to completely trust God and follow Him wherever He leads, or you can choose to fear the trial or problem. And it's a constant battle of choosing God or self.

miss you!