Saturday, December 30, 2006


In response to popular demand...I am posting about the new addition to our family...


Sorry for the delay but it has been a mix of crazy week and a little mixed feelings about the puppy that now dominates our lives and schedule.

This should come as no shock to anyone who knows me. It took me a couple of days to understand the "freak out" I was experiencing but then I remembered in the middle of the night that I had the same response to the last dog we got ten years ago and to every one of my pregnancies and babies for the first three days after I found out about them and then brought them home. OH, and marriage!! Three engagements later and I still fought the urge to be the runaway bride!

Something I wanted SOOOO bad and then...

"Wait a minute! I'm not too sure about this?! It seemed like a good idea but now..."

I usually recover pretty fast. I mean, I love animals. I love babies.....and husbands...I just get a little nervous about the long-term commitment and responsibility!

Isn't that pathetic? Selfish..I know.

So, Milo came to live with us this week and it's been an adventure for the boys and an adjustment for the mom. I almost cried the first night. I had to pray that God would help me not to be selfish when I know that a puppy would be so good for my sons.

The last dog we had for four years, I gave to the neighbors one day and never looked back. This did scar my husband.

I'm committed to not doing that to Sam and Jo.

For the record...None of this has anything to do with Milo. He is, in fact, an almost perfect dog. He doesn't bark. Ever. My vet who also has this type of dog said that in two years her's has only barked once.

Milo doesn't shed. I bathed him after a very stressful trip to my house and there wasn't one hair in the tub! It was a little freaky! I was immediately convinced that I would cut his hair but he's so cute with long hair and if I can find a way for him not to smell...I intend to let it grow.

He's very laid back. He's afraid of ALL things so he's not very curious. This is preferred when it comes to a puppy. He is very smart..already knowing to "sit" and "lay down". He lays around in a big hairy heap and plays the part.

The potty training is going fairly well. He is quarantined to my kitchen and his kennel when we are not around and is learning to ring a bell at the door for when he needs to go out. He can go all night without an accident and for that I am VERY grateful. I have no more babies and in return..I sleep-ALOT. I was not prepared to give that up for a dog.

I am convinced that I can make him smell good enough that even my mother-in-law won't be able to tell I have a dog in the house although I'm aware that she will never believe that.

I am simply hoping that Milo will be able to survive my perfectionism. I'm trying to chill but it will take some training of my own and I'm very stubborn.

We did go out the following morning after Milo arrived and bought him a proper bed and blanket along with food, small treats, bones and toys. He is living in style with all new accommodations. I've also met his vet and have started to think through the proper plan for flea treatment.

(See..I'm trying.)

The boys love him and this morning he escaped the kitchen and we found him "licking" the boys awake. It was very cute and Sam and Jo enjoyed it.

Thanks, Steph for the gift. It was the boy's favorite Christmas present.

(Waiting for their surprise gift)

(Sam never fails to give a great "surprised look"!)



Setrn said...

great post! It always makes me sad when I can hear your voice when I read your posts! We must catch up again on the phone soon! Love you and miss you, San

Charity said...

Boy, our friendship has really taken flight when we don't talk for two days and we need to "catch up"! :)

No drinkin' tonight in the ER...I want you to save someone's life so at least one of our New Year's will be exciting!

Steph said...

Yea, puppy Milo has made the transition. Such a good pupper!
Mia is sniffing around me right now. She needs a bath today...
Happy New Year!