Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Outtakes Part 2

Steph just recently posted about her family Christmas picture and her outtakes from the night and so I decided to join her by posting ours. We usually have a professional picture taken but with limited funds this year we decided to do a candid shot at our house. We were going to have someone take them but with sickness and schedules, we decided to utilize the "timer" on our camera.


Here are some of the ones that didn't work at the last minute and others that are a product of boys taking over my house!

(Okay, right off the bat, the option for me to stand was a BAD idea! I struggle to not be taller than my husband in my favorite shoes and I look like a GIANT compared to the rest of them!)

(This one had good potential but as usual, Josiah is looking very amused at the wall. How the child can already have debilitating ADHD at four, I'll never understand!)

(Okay, this one is hilarious because the head pose that Matt is doing is in almost every professional picture that we have! The photographer always asks him to tilt his head down...Either to avoid the glasses glare or to endear him to our family...but Matt overcompensates in this dorky face and IT IS SO ABSURD!! The fact that he did it AGAIN in our amateur pics is shocking!)

(This one needs no explanation. I had just walked away from them frustrated, washing my hands of the whole situation..)

And then our final Christmas card picture:

Not too bad. I guessed we pulled it off the end.


MStauder said...

Nothing like a full moon by the Christmas tree! Merry Christmas guys.

Anonymous said...

Ok - Matt's head tilt made me laugh today. Thanks - I really needed that today!! Julie

Setrn said...

You guys WOULD opt for the full family pics this year to mock me! I could post Brad in the kid's Santa hat holding the girls in their flannel nighties after he took off his clashing orange shirt. It was quite a site, but not blog appropriate!

Charity said...

Yeah..um, that's okay..I really don't have much of a desire to see that.

Thanks anyway, San.

Anonymous said...

I liked the one w/josiah staring at the wall. haha
Merry Christmas!
miss you