Sunday, December 03, 2006

Season Confusion

It has been really hard to accept that it is actually December here in the South. I know that the really cold weather must be on its way but up until now, I've felt over-dressed just putting on my big sweaters. I keep thinking I will wake up to winter and every day its so warm and blue out.

I know Steph will kick me for being regretful about that but I kind of am.

It's just too weird.

I was making a Christmas present and it required me to look through my archives of pictures. I found these of Josiah a couple of years ago when we went to pick strawberries together and I thought they were so cute.

In memory of summer...

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Steph said...

You are a cruel cruel girl! It is stinking 14 degrees as I type this and it is TOO COLD. Last week it was in the 60's and NO one heard me complaining...much easier to lug two kids around in 60 degree weather.