Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's a Man's World

Well, it's finally happening.

The boys are eating me out of house and home.

I knew the day would come that they would catch on to the joy of food and never stop wanting it but it has come faster than I would have anticipated. With our current job situation, I am trying to make the pantry stretch a little more than usual and I am losing the battle cookie by cookie.

Tonight, I fed them frozen waffles. It's a staple item in our freezer and while they are fairly cheap, my boys could eat a box of them in one sitting.

I certainly don't want to deprive them of nourishment but I also want to teach them some level of self-control. I suppose I need to consult a mom of teen-aged boys if this is unreasonable...Or maybe just pointless!

I had just taken Sam to the track with me to scooter while I walked and I'm guessing that the 2 1/2 miles he did worked up an appetite.

After he scarfed down two waffles he came into the living room where I was eating one plain waffle as a snack. "I'm still starving, Mom. I want another one!"

"No, Sam...Two is enough. If you drink your milk and sit a while you'll be surprised how full you feel."

*sniffle and whine* "Mom...I'm starving!"

"You can't be starving. I'm an adult and I'm only eating one and without any syrup!"

"You don't count, Mamma...You are just trying to be skinny!"




Steph said...

True so true - they can eat and eat and not gain a pound (until you marry them!lol)

Anonymous said...

...I was always fed till I busted, because mom said, "I want you to enjoy eating like this while you can." I don't know what that taught me...except that I was the "fat Cheerleader" in high school.